At Cleartherm, we are proud of our in house Toughening Plant which allows us much more freedom when it comes to our products. We believe in the highest quality of Glass for our customers and our toughening plant can help produce that. It allows us to have complete control over the Toughened Glass Sealed Units we produce.

What is Toughened Safety Glass?

Toughened Safety Glass confusing you? Don't worry, we are here to help you every step of the way.

First of all, how is it actually made?

The Glass we want to convert into Toughened Safety Glass undergoes a special type of immense thermal treatment to enhance it's durability and safety. This treatment consists of the rapid heating and then cooling of the glass, which changes it's molecular structure, creating high compression on the surface while the inner core remains in tension. 

What are the benefits of Toughened Safety Glass?

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Safety
  • Versatility
Toughened Glass is significantly stronger then normal Glass, making it more resistant to impacts and breakage. Unlike un-toughened Glass, which breaks into larger and dangerous shards, Toughened Safety Glass shatters into small, granules which greatly reduce the risk of injury. Toughened Safety Glass is perfect for Doors, Windows and Shower Screens or any type of Glass where there is a high risk of impact.


Safety Benefits

Our Toughened Safety Glass cracks into what you see in the image in comparison to untoughened which breaks into large and dangerous shards