Leaded Range

At Cleartherm we are proud to offer a diverse range of Lead Works, ranging from Soldered Lead to Natural Lead finishes.

Leaded Glass has many different uses such as:

  • Beautiful designs and patterns
  • Authentic rustic look
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Effective ventilation for higher air quality
Our Leaded Glass range is hand crafted for the perfect rustic Lead look for whatever purpose you so desire whether it's for a home, or for a place of work.  

    There are many different types of Leaded Glass which Cleartherm provide such as:

    Natural Lead:

    A Natural Lead finish is created using pure lead which starts it's life as a bright silver colour but will gradually turn a dull grey colour as it's life progressing due to oxidisation. Natural Lead has been a popular choice with customers for many years and will give a true rustic look to your windows as long as the product is cleaned regularly during the first few months and years of it's life.

    Aged Lead:

    Often referred to as 'antique lead', this option is popular amongst our Stained Glass options. While Aged Lead is still Natural Lead, it is pre-aged with a powder coating colour coat during the production of the Lead. This reduces the effects of oxidisation although it sometimes still occurs. This Lead has a darker reflective appearance compared to the un-aged Natural Lead, making it appear more prominent in your windows. 

    Various designs can be applied to the glass to suit today's designs and needs.

    Leaded on the Shipping Line

    A pane of our wonderful Leaded Glass is sealed and awaiting shipping to it's final destination