Stained Glass

Stained Glass windows are always beautiful, and here at Cleartherm that's no different.

 We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of patterns for our Stained Glass windows, all of which include the Lead finishes you can find on our Leaded Glass page. Stained Glass windows are something which have been around for centuries and are prominent in older buildings or churches. At Cleartherm, we set out to mimic the traditional design process used in the middle ages. 

'Staining' our Glass:

The traditional way to produce Stained Glass is a psychical staining of the glass, using specialist paint to achieve the perfect colour for the pattern chosen by the customer. We don't do this. We use an updated, modern way to achieve the same beautiful patterns and bright, bold colours. Our Stained Glass is made using sheets of film, placed carefully onto the glass into the shape of the predetermined pattern. All our Stained Glass windows are double glazed to help achieve the perfect look. Our Stained Glass is hand produced to achieve the best finish possible and to ensure you are fully satisfied with what we deliver. 

Finishing the product:

All our Stained Glass windows come with a Lead finish, with both our Natural and Aged Lead being available to you. Our Stained Glass units are the perfect choice for a rustic and beautiful appearance in your home.

Stained Unit Progress

Our Stained Glass Units look beautiful even when not fully finished, these two are yet to go down our Super Spacer line but still look gorgeous.