Well, it's been just over twelve months now since our new Forel Auto Production line started producing our IG Units in both triple and double glazed format. We liken the new machine against our old Forel line as a 'new van versus an old van', both do the job but with today's technology embedded, we have been able to produce in excess of 168,000 units to date from this new asset.

Following on from that investment we then undertook the task of replacing our Glass cutting and loading facility with the latest Bottero centre, replacing our older Bottero model. The new line has incorporated a laser marking system which we have found to be highly beneficial for identifying each individual piece of glass for production, thus helping speed up our throughput. 

The above investment has been made with one main objective in mind... to stay at the forefront of IGU manufacturing, giving our customers great confidence for the future, as IGU's are a major purchase for the fenestration installation market. 

Lastly, to help oversee our day to day running and future growth, we have appointed from within, Michael McShane to the position of Works Production Manager. Michael, who has been with us since leaving school 15 years ago, has become a very integral cog at Cleartherm.


Dave Laing, Managing Director 

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