Bottero arrives at Cleartherm

Bottero arrives at Cleartherm

At Cleartherm, we are always looking for new ways we can improve our production line, and where we can make changes to optimise our manufacturing capabilities we often do. That's why last Friday, the 15th December 2023 we installed our brand new Bottero automated cutting and loading centre. We have installed this as a part of our constantly changing Leicester base, which has seen vast improvements over the past few years. 

The new Bottero automated cutting and loading centre will allow our panes of Glass to be cut to the perfect size thanks, Laser Marking Technology, that means that all our certification and sizing can be actioned at the point of cutting. This improves the efficiency and speed at which we can cut and process the Glass before it moves onto a different part of the factory to be manufactured into whatever the customer has ordered.

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Bottero Cutter and Loader

Our new Bottero Cutting and Loading machine is ready and raring to go